Stork Vision Ultrasound Equipment


Medison’s innovative standard setting ultrasound technologies has received international praise and recognition all over the world. Medison’s ultrasound equipment provides optimal image quality and performance that has established global standards for cutting-edge ultrasound technology. Stork Vision® believes that quality equipment is crucial in achieving the best quality scans therefore Stork Vision® Centers use the latest Medison ultrasound equipment. We maintain the highest standards on equipment by regulating not only the age of the equipment and the type of equipment, but we also require each individual store’s equipment undergo routine preventative maintenance by qualified technicians. Ultrasound equipment is classified as a Medical Prescription Device and in most states is regulated with strict guidelines and protocols. The increasingly large market for used and unregulated ultrasound equipment has enabled other individually owned imaging centers and companies to purchase and perform scans with equipment that may not be safe.