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Do I need to make an appointment to have a 2D sonogram, 3D sonogram, or 4D baby sonogram performed at Stork Vision®?

  • Yes, we schedule by appointment only. Please note that weekends and evenings are in high demand and do fill up quickly.

What happens during a Stork Vision® 2D baby ultrasound, 3D baby ultrasound, or a 4D baby ultrasound scan?

  • The Stork Vision® sonographer will begin by positioning you on an exam table and applying a colorless, odorless gel to your abdomen. The transducer will be moved back and forth over your abdomen to view your precious developing baby. Depending on your baby’s position and stage of development, you may be able to see a face, tiny hands and fingers, or arms and legs. These images are electronically stored in Stork Vision’s® baby imaging ultrasound machine.

What is an ARDMS® Sonographer and why should this be the ONLY person, besides my prenatal healthcare provider performing a 2D Baby Sonogram, 3D Baby Sonogram, or 4D Baby Sonogram on me?

  • We require first and foremost that every Stork Vision® sonographer have completed an accredited ultrasonography program and possess the RDMS credential or be registry eligible. The only means of obtaining an ARDMS® credential is through examination. Strict required prerequisites must be met before an applicant can take an ARDMS® exam. We believe that standardized accreditation and training ensures consistent safety and quality across all our Stork Vision® centers. Other centers or companies that employ technicians that have not completed an accredited ultrasonography program, may not have enough knowledge to operate the ultrasound machine safely. This is your pregnancy and your baby, you deserve the best.

What is a medical director, what do they do, and why is it important for all Stork Vision® locations to have one?

  • A Stork Vision® medical director is a board certified physician, licensed in state, who continuously provides guidance, oversight, and quality assurance in all our facilities. We require that every Stork Vision® center have a medical director that reviews scans, personally contacts the customer’s prenatal care provider in emergency situations, and ensures that Medical Device Reporting procedures are in place along with routine preventative maintenance checks. Many other companies do not require that every location have a medical director licensed in their state. In these instances, they are most likely not following protocol form medical device reporting and medical device preventative maintenance. More importantly, their scans are not being reviewed and they do not have a protocol in place for emergencies.

Why should I choose a brand like Stork Vision® to perform an elective limited diagnostic ultrasound on me?

  • Stork Vision® is committed to excellence, compassion, and competence from our staff, sonographers, and medical directors. Professionalism, safety, and quality assurance are paramount with Stork Vision® therefore physicians and midwives nationwide appreciate the high standards and consistent protocols of Stork Vision® when referring their patients for an elective 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, or 4D baby ultrasound.

What is a “certified provider?”

  • We employ only trained Medical Professionals that are recognized by organizations such as the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), the Association for Women Radiologists (AAWR), and the American College of Radiology® (ACR®). Our accreditation standards far exceed those in individual State and Federal compliance regulations.
  • Many other companies do not employ medical professionals in their prenatal imaging centers and use what we consider to be misleading marketing slogans such as “Certified Provider” or “Trusted Seal.” They even create emblems or group accreditation symbols that could mislead the general public into thinking they are recognized by a medical organization when in fact they are not.

What type of ultrasound equipment do you use?

  • Stork Vision® believes that quality equipment is crucial in achieving the best quality ultrasound scans therefore Stork Vision® centers use the latest Medison ultrasound equipment. Medisons innovative standard setting ultrasound technologies has received international praise and recognition all over the world. Medison's ultrasound equipment provides optimal image quality and performance that has established global standards for cutting-edge ultrasound technology.

Do I need a note from my prenatal healthcare provider to have a Stork Vision® Baby Ultrasound performed?

  • We will notify your prenatal healthcare provider via fax transmittal that you have called and are requesting our services for an elective 2D baby ultrasound, 3D baby ultrasound, or 4D live-motion ultrasound. A written order form will be required from a state licensed practioner prior to any ultrasound because our ultrasounds are limited diagnostic ultrasounds, we do not provide measurements, determine due dates, and highly recommend that any medical concern you have, be discussed with your prenatal healthcare provider.

Will the Stork Vision® Ultrasound be performed at your facility replace the ultrasound that I receive from my prenatal healthcare provider?

  • Definitely not!!! Your 2D sonogram, 3D sonogram, or 4D baby sonogram at Stork Vision® does not replace the sonogram provided at your doctor’s office. Our ultrasounds are completely elective and are used to strictly complement the full anatomical study that is completed by your obstetrician or prenatal healthcare provider.

How long should my 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound or 4D baby ultrasound scan last in order to attain the best possible video and baby pictures of my unborn baby?

  • Stork Vision® appointments are booked on the half hour with an actual scan time of 15 – 20 minutes per baby. Be leery of other imaging companies that advertise or boast about long periods of ultrasound scanning on expectant mothers. Excessive and carefree scanning is negligent and irresponsible and we highly recommend that you seek out your obstetricians advice on what he deems as an acceptable scan time before scheduling an appointment.

What can I do to achieve the best possible prenatal baby ultrasound at Stork Vision®?

  • DRINK, DRINK, DRINK WATER!!! We recommend that all pregnant mother who schedule appointments with Stork Vision® prenatal imaging Centers, make an effort to continuously hydrate by drinking plenty of water for 3 days straight prior to coming in for your ultrasound scan. We have found that hydration improves the clarity of your baby sonogram significantly.

What type of baby ultrasound packages does Stork Vision® offer?

  • Our packages range from our 2D ultrasound imaging package starting at 18 week to our Platinum Imaging package providing two visits, one at 18 weeks for a 2D Baby Ultrasound and a second visit at 28 weeks for a 4D baby ultrasound. 3D baby sonograms and 4D live-motion sonogram packages are available in the pricing sections for each Stork Vision® location. Please visit our Store Locator to find the location nearest you for package and pricing details, and monthly coupon specials where available.

How much does a Stork Vision® baby ultrasound cost?

  • We offer affordable packages that will fit into every expectant parent's budget. Please visit our Store Locator to find the location nearest you for package and pricing details, and monthly coupon specials where available.

Why do some centers offer such inexpensive prices on their baby ultrasound packages?

  • Stork Vision® strongly believes quality and safety should be your top priority and you get what you pay for therefore, cheaper isn’t always better. When researching different elective ultrasound facilities, we highly recommend that you inquire not only about pricing, but also about the qualifications of the person that will be performing your pregnancy ultrasound scan. You should insist and verify that not only does a qualified Sonographer perform your scan, but a Stork Vision® medical director reviews your scan. The lower dollar amount may be an indication that a center doesn’t employ professionally trained medical personnel. Low pricing could also signify a lack of quality and safety that puts you and your baby at risk. At Stork Vision® we are committed to excellence, you and your baby are more than a number or dollar sign. It’s your pregnancy, your baby, and you deserve the best.

What forms of payment does Stork Vision® take and do you accept insurance?

  • We gladly accept cash, Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®. We do not accept checks of any kind. At this time, insurance will not cover the sonograms received at Stork Vision® because they are an elective ultrasound scan.

What is the optimal or best time during my pregnancy to schedule a 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, and a 4D ultrasound?

  • 2D baby ultrasounds can be done as early as 16 weeks gestation. 3D baby ultrasounds and 4D baby ultrasounds can be done at any time after 18 weeks gestation however the optimal time to have a sonogram is between 27 – 30 weeks. Earlier ultrasounds allow the expectant mother to see more complete images of her baby. Later ultrasounds reveal improved facial features since the developing fat layer enhances these images. It is important to remember that all images are dependent on the baby’s position, movement, size, and the amount of surrounding amniotic fluid. As a result, we cannot always guarantee imag clarity or quality.

What is real-time, 4D live-motion imaging?

  • Real-time 4D live-motion imaging is the continuous three-dimensional scanning of the baby with the option of simultaneous 2D imaging. This revolutionary quad-beam technology, which obtains 3D images in real-time up to 25 volumes per second, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional ultrasound and opens the 4th dimension of real-time so that you can see your baby moving in 3D.

What will determine the clarity and quality of my baby’s images?

  • Many factors are involved in obtaining clear images. We use state- of- the-art equipment and highly qualified sonographers however, there are several factors outside of our control which will determine the clarity and quality of the Images.
    • Fetal positioning: Some babies come ready for their pictures and seem to be posing at every turn. Others simply turn their back on us. Still others cuddle up to the placenta or uterine wall, or hide behind their hands. We know you particularly want to see your baby’s face and we do all we can to encourage your baby to turn your way. Particularly in 3D and 4D, a straight-on face view is not very common. We urge you to relax and enjoy this bonding ultrasound experience while viewing your unborn baby.
    • Maternal tissue: The more tissue the sound waves need to travel through, the less contrast the resulting images have. For this reason, we often find we get better results with our full-figured expectant mothers later in their pregnancy, typically around 20+ weeks for gender determination and 30 – 32 for 3D and 4D. Again, you will get the best images possible with the best equipment and sonographers, but maternal tissue can be an important factor.
    • Fetal activity: It is breath taking to see your baby in motion during your ultrasound. A little food or juice before your visit can assist in increasing your baby’s activity (orange juice is always good). On the other hand, the best still 3D photo images occur when your baby is still or asleep. As always, we encourage you to enjoy your baby’s activity and we’ll do our part to capture the best images possible.
    • Gestational development: Each pregnancy is unique. Some babies are best seen at 20 weeks and others at 32, regardless of maternal tissue or other factors. Again, we use state-of -the-art equipment and ARDMS® sonographers to provide you with the best results possible.

Will I get impeccable perfect pictures of my baby during my Stork Vision® baby ultrasound?

  • Stork Vision® makes every effort to produce your desired pictures and while we always do our very best, we can’t guarantee perfect pictures. There are many factors that determine the outcome of your prenatal ultrasound pictures. The baby’s gestational development, fetal positioning, fetal activity, and a mother’s maternal tissue.
    *We recommend that our full figured mother’s schedule their 3D ultrasound or 4D ultrasound between 28 – 32 weeks of pregnancy.