Stork Vision Protocol


Stork Vision® believes that every pregnant mother deserves the best ultrasound quality and safest elective Prenatal Ultrasound experience. Our Stork Vision® protocol ensures the highest standards and consistent quality of Prenatal Ultrasounds in the Industry.

Investigate and research your local Prenatal Imaging Centers for quality assurance before booking your appointment! Stork Vision®recommends you look for a center that is reputable within the Medical Community and is recognized for their commitment to excellence. They should have consistent protocols, unsurpassed customer service, ARDMS® Sonographer performed scans with a board certified Medical Director that provides guidance and oversight. While different states have different requirements, be assured that Stork Vision® has the highest standard of protocol in place nationwide to ensure you and your baby’s safety. We care enough to only employ the very best Medical Professionals at every Stork Vision® Center!